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Articles From Special Education Professionals and Others


  Special Education Advocacy 101 - What Every Parent Must Know
by Sheryl Frishman, Esq., Frishman & Faber, Mt. Kisco, New York



  What is a PsychoEducational Evaluation?
by Dr. M. L. Burgee, Executive Director of Applied Counseling & Psychoeducational Services; Rockville, Maryland



  How Learning Disabilities Asssessment and Diagnosis Can Help Your Child
by Dr. Richard Komm, , Llc. Psychologist (Arizona and California)



  Autism Treatment and Brain Wave Therapy
by Jean Charles Genet, Theeforce, LLC



  Living and Working with a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)
by Judith W. Paton, M.A., Audiologist



  Choosing a Tutor, Learning Specialist or Learning Therapist
By Matthew Lundquist, LMSW, MSEd



  Single Sex Schools and the LD Child
By Dr. Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., School Finders, LLC.



  Reading Readiness and Reading Skills: In One Ear and Out the Other
By The Langsford Learning Center



  Teaching A Child to Read
By The Langsford Learning Center



  Parent Revolution to Beat Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities
By Mira nd Mark Halpert



  Inclusion and the Special Ed Student -- Who Benefits?
By Dr. Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., School Finders, LLC.



  ADHD Children--What If There Really Isn't Anything Wrong?
By Kirk Martin



  Homeschooling A Right-Brained, Visual Learner?
By Kerry Jones



  The Facts on ADHD Coaching
By Fran Hopkins



  Help Children with LD Become Successful Adults
By Dr. Bruce Hirsch



  Advocating for your Child Who is Having Trouble Learning
By Sharman Word Dennis, M.Ed., CEO of Global Enrichment Solutions, LLC



  From Devastation to Acceptance to Advocacy: The Journey of a Mother & Attorney Through the Maze of Autism
By Sheryl Frishman, Frishman & Faber, Mt. Kisco, NY



  Understanding Dyslexia
by Lorrie Wolf, Reading Specialist at the Education Therapy Center, LLC



  NICHD Reading Research Offers Crucial Data for Educators
By Evelyn Peter, M.A.T., President, Reading and Language Arts Centers, Inc.



  Learning Styles: Educating a Child the Way He or She Should be Educated
By Sharman Word Dennis, M.Ed., CEO of Global Enrichment Solutions, LLC



  Learning And Teaching Social Skills: A Relationship-Based Approach
By Adam Cox



  Test Stress and the "At-Risk" Student
by Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., School Finders, LLC.




  Steps to Take Before a Standardized Exam Plus, Study Skills Tips
by Lynne Popp, Educational Therapy, Inc.



  What to Do if Your Child is Suspended from School
by Dore Frances, IEC, founder, Horizon Family Services



  Teen Transport Service: How it Works
by Leslie A. Lamb Sr. CPP, Joseph Chevalier, Sherlock, Inc.



  The Right College Match for your LD Student
by Jill Burstein, of Jill Burstein Educational Consulting,Inc.



  How to Prepare your LD Student for College
by Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., School Finders, LLC.



  School Placement, and the Changing Climate of Adolescence
by Leslie Goldberg, M.Ed. and CEP, the Goldberg Center for Educational Planning, Braintree, MA



  Exceptional Students Experience College
by Mark Claypool, President and CEO, Educational Services of America



  A Guide to Disability Law and Special Education
by William A. Lybarger, Ph.D., Expert Witness for Special Education Needs



  School Support for LD and ADD Learners
by Laurie Wagner, Reading and Language Arts Centers, Inc.



  Effects of Nutritional Supplements in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
By Mary F. Zesiewicz, MD


  Sensory Motor Therapy and the Role of the Speech Language Pathologist
By Kimberly Bell, M.S.,CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist,



  When to be Concerned about Your Child's Speech and Language Development
By Kimberly Bell, M.S.,CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist,


  Twelve Step Recovery for At Risk Teens
by Dr. Sidney Parham, Ph.D., VP for Academic Affairs at The Family Foundation School


  Coaching Support for Struggling Parents of At Risk Teens
by Gail Bird Necklace, BA, CPC. – Kiatou Parent Life Coach


  How To Cope With 'Attention Deficit Disorder' In Your Children
By Evan Coldsmith



  Heredity and ADHD
By Sr. Scott Howard



  Support for Young Adults with Aspergers
By Evan Coldsmith



  The Benefits of Educational Therapy
By Lynn Popp, Certified Educational Therapist



  Benefits of a High-School Specifically for Teens with LD
by Rachel Wylde



  How Adventure Camps Build Self-Esteem in Kids with Learning Differences
courtesy of Camp SOAR, Balsam,North Carolina



  How Much Therapy Is Good For Your Child?
by Jean Charles Genet



  Are Team Sports Good for Special Needs Kids
by Alexa Simmons



  Imagery: The Sensory Cognitive Connection for Math
by Nanci Bell and Kimberly Tuley



  Phonemic Awareness: Necessary for Solving Reading and Spelling Problems, Including Dyslexia
by Billie Calvery, M.S., Ed.



  The Importance of Detecting Dyslexia Early
by Dr. Rose Ellen Halpert




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